South Loch Ness on Sunday 2nd April, 2017 
Man V Horse Scotland Event
(organised by the South Loch Ness Access Group)

Man V Horse

Event Information - South Loch Ness on Sunday 2nd April, 2017

26 km course (organised by the South Loch Ness Access Group)

Start at 11.00 at Loch Ness Riding, Dores. It finishes at this venue too.
£100 prize to the fastest man or horse plus the Jacobite Warrior perpetual Quaich. Trophy to fastest male and female runners and fastest horse.

Commemorative medals/rosettes and certificates to all participants
Entry fee £30 per person.

All profits will be divided 50/50 between Highland Hospice and the South Loch Ness Access Group. Extra sponsorship sheets available with prize for top fundraiser.

Whilst the organisers will take every care to ensure the safety of participants it must be understood that you enter this competition at your own risk.

No I-pods or other devices using earplugs to be used during the competition. Horses must be shod or booted (at least on their front feet) for the duration of the event and submit to veterinary inspections as a condition of entry. No whips to be carried.

All decisions of the organising committee are final.

Refreshments for all at the finish at Loch Ness Riding, Drummond Farm, Dores.

There is a compulsory briefing for all competitors (no horses allowed) in the indoor school at 10.30. Runners start at 11.00 and riders either singly or in small groups at timed intervals after the runners.

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