Dores Community Development Trust


Dores Community Development Trust is a Company Limited by Guarantee that has been set up to administer the funds donated to the community by the organisers of the Rock Ness festival.

The Trust

The Company is owned by “members”, who elect between 3 and 10 “directors”.


Next Meeting 2019

    Tuesday 6th February: Dores Pairsh Hall 7.30

    For update to date information about future meetings please refer to the Dores On Loch Ness "Events" Facebook page.



Anyone 16 years or older can become a member, if they have been a resident the Parish of Dores for a total of three years, not necessarily continuously, but including all of the last twelve months. There is no charge for membership, but you do have to agree to pay a maximum of £1 in the unlikely event of the Company being wound up with debts. If a resident qualifies they must be registered before they can take part. Please use the link below to download a copy of the application form.

Development Trust Membership Form


One of the tasks of the members is to elect directors. Directors simply allocate funds to projects - they are not required to manage the projects. Directors would be required to attend meetings where funds would be allocated. These would number about 4 per annum - perhaps less.

There is potentially a lot of money to be distributed, so it is important that all aspects of the community are represented. Organisations such as the Gala, the Youth Club, and the School should definitely be represented.

Applicants should be proposed and seconded by other members, in writing, and all three should already have submitted valid  membership applications.

Current Directors

Candy Cameron (Chairperson)

Gavin Finlay

Louise Robertson

John Hedger (Treasurer)

Nina Finlay (Funding Applications Secretary)

Angus McLaren (CC Rep)

Heidi Seaton

Liz Hall

Barry Cumming (Secretary)

Dores CDT Nomination Paper


Click here to list all available documents.


If you would like to apply for funding for a project from the trust please click here.

Educational Bursaries

Please click here to see the Trusts policy and an application form.



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