Aldourie Primary School

Aldourie Primary School is situated 7 miles from Inverness and 1 mile from Loch Ness and is at present a 2 teacher school with a roll of 35 pupils.

Aldourie School.

The current building appears to have existed since the mid 1800s and comprises two classrooms, library, staffroom/office with a separate canteen in the playground.

Aldourie pupils have won many awards over the years but a few of the latest have been photographic prizes, essay prizes and a Tourism Award for a Jacobite Booklet they produced which highlights places of interest within this area based on research they carried out.  Also for sale is a CD about the local area called ‘The Secret Side of Loch Ness’ put together by Aldourie, Farr, Foyers, Stratherrick and Cauldeen Primary Schools

Aldourie School Educational Aims

Aldourie Primary School is an Equal Opportunities School, which aims to provide an educational environment suitable to the needs and abilities of each child. The school aims to prepare children, not only for the transition to secondary school, but to foster such qualities as social awareness, self-reliance and, to aid their physical, moral, social and mental development in such a way that each child will be able to play his / her full part in the community around them. Our aims are as follows:-

Aldourie Primary aims to provide a caring, purposeful environment :-

  • Allowing children to learn in a relaxed, secure atmosphere
  • Developing confidence to express themselves to the best of their abilities
  • Offering equal opportunities for all
  • Ensuring inclusion for all children

We aim to provide a balanced curriculum

  • Based on 5-14 guidelines and ensuring progression
  • Ensuring Health Promoting awareness
  • Matching the needs and abilities of the individual child

We aim to encourage a progressive development of skills and learning :-

  • Using a variety of teaching methods
  • Through structured programmes of work
  • By fostering positive attitudes to learning
  • Ensuring an appropriate pace of learning

We aim to maximise standards of attainment through :-

  • Creation of an ethos of achievement
  • Meeting pupils’ needs
  • Regular monitoring of progress and achievement
  • Working with partner agencies to meet the needs of the child

We aim to encourage in our children :-

  • Self discipline
  • A tolerance for the differences in others
  • A regard for the environment
  • An understanding of citizenship

We aim to maintain :-

  • Warm, co-operative relationships with our School Board
  • Links with members of the local community
  • Support of parents as partners in their children’s education
  • Links with Inverness Royal Academy through regular Area Group Meetings
  • Co-operative working links with surrounding Primary Schools

We aim to ensure Staff Development :-

  • Through the Continued Professional Development programme of training
  • By liaison with local Primary Schools
  • By ensuring staff development and review arrangements are being implemented

Contact Details

Contact Details:

  • Address: Janice MacBeath (Head Teacher), Aldourie Primary School, Aldourie, Inverness, IV2 6DP
  • Telephone No: 01463 751272
  • Email:





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